The Grand Duchy of Karameikos is a young nation, but with old roots. Its recent history is one of Thyatian conquest and subsequent autonomy, but its true past lies in songs of poetic glories, in tales of great wars against vicious beast-men, and the promise of Traladara’s return to the might.

The glorious days of Impiltur’s past was lost in the chaos of the Spellplague and the death of its good king, Imbrar II. A loose collection of nobles from the remaining cities, going by the puffed up name of the Grand Council, is trying against hope to hold nation together, but their hold and control is tenuous at best. They must contend with a coastline to the Sea of Fallen Stars that has changed, retreating away from their ports leaving most cities robbed of their trade. With banditry and lawlessness that plagues the small towns and even quarters of the main cities with the departure of a ruling monarch. Worst of all, though, is clearly the rise of the Fraternity of Tharos – a demon worshiping cult that gained a grip on the country.

So now, those of nobility and good purpose wonder if the monstrous creatures released by the spellplague into the countryside, the lack of a strong ruling body to centralize efforts at peace, and the growing power that is the Demon Cult are more than Impiltur can survive… or will a king (or queen) rise again amidst the anarchy to set things right and return this once proud nation to its rightful place.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: The Shearing (Life, Death, and the Future of the Kingdom)

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