The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: The Shearing (Life, Death, and the Future of the Kingdom)

An Introduction to Impiltur


Impiltur. Once a nation of great prosperity and stability, it is now a land with creatures of horror plaguing its countryside. A land of demon worshipping cultists who dominate and terrorize. A country bereft of king or strong leadership. It is into that a hodgepodge collection of would be heroes found themselves looking for their own fortune and place, each for their own reasons.

Kithanthalas – an elf driven to see the forests Grey Forest, once a place of natural beauty & harmony, rid of its demonic and spellplagued infestations and not willing to wait in patience as the elven leadership preaches.

Alain – a servant of Corellon, set out to seek knowledge and arcane mysteries that might unlock some of the secrets to the damage and chaos that the spellplague caused.

Dorn – a dwarf who lost family and inheritance to the cataclysm that destroyed much of what was Eartheart and exposed the Underdark in a wide spread area now known as the Underchasm. He had hoped to travel to the north where some distant relatives live only to find himself stranded in Impiltur, short on coin and suddenly aware that the world was rocked on its foundations everywhere.

Jaden Cornell – Pockets, as most know him as, is a half-elven bard who has seen the land he calls home torn by anarchy and ravaged by cultists & outlaws, hopes to write a better future for it.

Together, these four (plus others to come), set out to change the world for their own reasons.

Of Rain and Erpur

Initially, with the land of Impiltur being a place of barbarous humanoids, demons (and their cultists), and lawlessness rampant, the party sets out in hopes of finding a place within the now prosperous (at least by Impiltur’s new low standards) city of New Sarshel. With the changing coastline from the receding of the Sea of Fallen Stars, New Sarshel offers unlimited possibilities, or so they hoped.

Unfortunately, much like Impiltur itself, the journey was a grey, miserable one as rain, driven by a storm off the Sea of Fallen Stars, insistently pelted them day after day. So when the small township of Erpur revealed itself to them at the start of the third day, it was with welcome relief that they sought to enter it and find a place to get out of the wet and wind.

Quiet Riot

Upon entering, though, all the party found was disturbing quiet, an eerie silence only broken by the drumming of rain and a distant buzz. All-to-soon, though, they discovered with the buzz was about. The citizens of Erpur had gathered on the other side of town, brandishing scythes, pitchforks, hoes, and the like, shouting at some poor young woman whom they had dragged out of a home. Battered and desperate, she called out to the strangers who just entered town for help.

Upon Further Review

Alain, with the help of the gifted speaker Pockets, managed to bring some pause to the lynching that seemed imminent, asking for calm and insight into the situation. The woman, Kara, was accused of being a cultist – a demon worshipping murderer and dire plotter – but Pockets and Alain found that unlikely as she so know signs of demon worshipping about herself or her home (in fact, she seemed more likely to be a follower of Corellon). Alain found it more likely that the riot’s leader, a gruff loudmouth by the name of Fodel, just wanted her wealth and its influence removed from the town. In the end, Kara was quiet happy to oblige, willing to leave town with her prized possessions under the protection of the group of rescuing heroes (whom she offered a modest reward if they’d escort her to New Sarshel which was less than a day away).

Halfling on a Limb

Through the light drizzle, the party made their way north with Kara of Erpur, but less than two hours along they suddenly found themselves needing to rescue yet another in distress, only this one was much shorter, hairier, and talkative – at least, if screaming in a high pitched voice for help against goblins counts.

Initially, the group set their ranger, Kith, to investigate, and he found a large contingent of goblins had harried a halfling up a tree, jeering and taunting him. Acting quickly, Kith gathered the others and they quickly struck at the hated humanoids.

Blood and Bugs

The battle that ensued was not so easily won as the goblins numbered quite a few (9) and included a couple of heavy weapon wielding warriors along with the dangerous shamanistic hexer. With speed and agility, the Kithanthalas began dispatching some of the weaker goblins, while the arcanist, Alain, put many of the others under spell that slowed or even knocked them unconscious. Dorn had the more difficult task as he wanted to get to the Hexer but found himself plagued with a curse of insects that the shaman had cast upon him. Ignoring the vicious bites of the swarm, he hammered his way through the warrior to eventually set upon the hexer himself. It was good, though, that the bard was there to both aid in attack and weave his healing powers because Dorn was to need it.

In the end, though, the group was far too skilled, intelligent, and powerful for the goblins. The battle was won and the halfling, who goes by the name of Haldar, rescued.

To make matters even more cheer inducing, the group not only found a small cache of gold, but a pair of magic gloves that offer a chance to improve arcane powers. A very good introduction to the life of an adventurer the first half of the day was, indeed.


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